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South Africa Stone Fruit - Apricots, Nectarines, Peaches and Plums exported from South Africa


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South African stone fruit, export quality ...

The most popular stone fruit include Apricots, Nectarines, Peaches and Plums. Below you will find the information regarding these products which are availabe for export from South Africa. Our suppliers offer a wide variety of class types for stone fruit, which is dependable on which market you are looking to import from.

Contact us and let us know which market you are going to import from and we will negotiate on your behalf for the best prices available from our growing number of suppliers.

Stone Fruit - Apricots
Apricots - (Prunus armeniaca)

A juicy soft stone fruit, smaller than a peach, of an orange-yellow colour.
Local fruit availability: November - January

Stone Fruit - Nectarines
Nectarines - (Prunus persica)

A variety of peach with a thin brightly coloured smooth sking and firm flesh.
Local availability: November - March

Stone Fruit - Peaches
Peaches - (Prunus persica)

A round juicy stone fruit with downy cream or yellow skin flushed with red.
Local fruit availability: November - March

Stone Fruit - Plums
Plums - (Prunus spp)

An oval fleshy fruit usually purple or reddish when ripe, with sweet pulp and a flattish pointed stone.
Local fruit availability: November - May

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