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African Missions - March 2004

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Improvements on Kairos - Working hard to finnish on timeDearly beloved family in the Lord,

Another 1.5 months has gone by again, and it is incredible what has happened in such a short space of time. The rain continued, so much so that the jetty sunk. The worst of it is that the water is filled with thick, smelly, gungy algae (green pea soup). We have to travel a couple of times through it daily! (see picture!) This picture also shows how we carried the aluminum sheeting for the roof through the slippery, slimy, smelly mess.

Charlene blessed me with a lovely cell phone. I was so pleased with it because it has a reminder facility, and I could set it to remember your birthdays. Then a couple of days later when I was at Hatfield mall, someone bumped against me in Clicks (oldest trick in the book) and stole my phone out of my bag. Only when I left Clicks did I notice the phone was gone. When I looked up, the person who bumped against me was standing about 4feet away looking at me (she was probably biding her time to come and get some more from me, because I was so stupid!). I walked to her and told her I want my phone back which she stole. She of course denied it and I told her that God knows everything and what she has stolen from me she will have to pay back seven fold and that every time something bad happens to her, she should remember me. I was so upset, and questioned the Lord why this should happen to me.

Wow, that evening the Lord convicted me! I had to repent and ask forgiveness for basically cursing the woman. I forgave and blessed her and claimed her soul for the Kingdom of our Lord. I believe that that cellphone was an instrument of redemption for that woman. Praise God!

I have been searching for a specific little NKJ travel bible for more than 2 years. One day I decided I am just going to buy a normal little NKJ bible, and when I went to the Lewende Woord bookshop, I found the exact bible I wanted! I only had R340 in my wallet and that was the price of the bible, so I bought it! Later in the day when I checked my bank account, the Lord had blessed me with R500. I rejoiced and testified to all in the office about my wonderful Daddy! The next day He blessed me with a further amount and to make a long story short over 3 days my bible was paid for, three times (and some left to bless someone else!!)

We are still watching 3 to 4 videos a day. These teachings are awesome and I have learnt so much! There are so many areas in my life which the Holy Spirit have revealed to me that needs attention, and I willingly submit to His leading and teaching. I can testify that a close, intimate and personal relationship with our heavenly Father is to be desired with all our hearts. At the end of one of the tapes the lecturer challenged us to stand up if we want the Lord to work in us to lay down the flesh. I stood up and as the lecturers always says, "if you say yes to the Lord He is going to send you someone to practice on!!" Lunch time I went to draw money at the mall and I walked past a blind man. I felt the Lord saying to me "go and pray for him" I said "No Lord, there are so many people around, they will think I'm a cracy woman. I will give him money". The Lord said "I don't want you to give him money I want you to pray for him". So now I have this argument with the Lord on how I should pray. Should I pray like Jesus did for the blind man, by taking ground, spitting on it and putting it on the man's eyes, or like Peter who prayed for the cripple "Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ…". And the Lord said "just speak to him, lay your hands on him and pray." So I did. When I walked away I asked the Lord if the man will see now, and He said "It is not your concern, what you had to do was be obedient, I will do the rest." Wow!

The Sunday I met a cashier at Dion's who asked me to pray for her because she has Aids. We made an appointment to meet outside after work, but she never came. So the Monday I went to her again and made another appointment for after work, but she didn't show again. I guess her faith was not strong enough, so I just kept on praying for her.

My cabin in the KairosWe have been visiting churches in Pta & Jhb to tell them about our mission, and every time we do our displays and talk, people get all exited and makes promises, but when we contact them to follow up, nothing comes of it. Sometimes we get discouraged but we keep on holding on to the Lord. We believe that at the right time, all the seeds that we have been sowing will start coming in (and there are a LOT of seed out there). We all know that God's time is not our time and a day to Him is like a thousand and a thousand like one day. We keep on doing what we can and we know God will do the rest, at the appointed (Kairos) time.

On Fridays we do maintenance on the boat and then we don't go to the office. We have also made curtains for the cabins. We have to clean the boat regularly, because we are close to the land and there are gezillion, trillion "muggies" that attacks the boat and us, then they die and stick like glue to the boat. We have ordered custom made sides for the boat, but have not yet received it. It is really getting cold now on the water and when we have morning devotion on the deck, there is normally a freezing cold wind blowing.

Two guys from WMC went to do research in Tanzania and the lake to make contact with the local church and find out what is needed for us to take the boat there. Everything seems to point to the boat leaving for the field by the end of June. Admittedly, that is human timing, but God may have a different time! Our times are in His hands, which is so great because that means we don't have to stress or panic!

I have started feeding the fish (barber or catfish). They just l o v e chicken, bones and all. Now they are getting so cute, they actually come to the boat every time they think it is supper. I have now decided that it is time for me to start teaching my pet fish some tricks, so that I can perhaps arrange a show (you know , like dolphins) jumping through hoops etc. and maybe I can charge the people and raise funds this way!! What do you think?

On a more serious note, we have to learn and memorise scripture, and I tell you it is wonderful to experience how the Holy Spirit just helps me remember these scriptures!
My only brother died in a car accident, and 2 weeks prior to his accident, the Lord gave me such a burden to pray for him. I thank God for His wonderful grace and mercy! I trust this testimony will encourage you all to never give up on praying for loved ones. Thank you for your sympathy, encouragement and blessings during that time. I appreciate you all and am so thankful to our Father for all your love and that you are my family.

My cabin again - see I do excersizeAbout 2 weeks ago, someone broke into my car. They smashed the passenger window and took everything out of the cubby-hole and also my precious little travel bible, that I waited for for 2 years! I just cried and was so hurt inside but I knew from previous experience I must forgive the people who did it, bless them and pray for their salvation. I pray that the Lord will really speak to their hearts through that bible, and I gladly give it up for their souls to be saved. The Lord of course once again restored that which the enemy had taken, for He is my fortress and my refuge, my God in Him will I trust.

We went to Botswana on an outreach last week. Click here to read my report thereof.
I suppose I better sign off now. Thank you all for your spiritual, financial (2Cor 9:10 the seed you are sowing is being distributed to many) and prayer support. The Lord will truly bless, honour and prosper you, and may your storehouses never be empty.

I love you all with the love of the Lord.

Child of God

PS Just heard, the sides for the boat will be fitted today!!! Praise the Lord! Now we just need to get the jetty fixed so that we don’t have to walk through the water anymore…….


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