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African Missions - Botswana - March 2004

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Saturday 1 May 2004, Mark, Anita, Carien and I left for Botswana.

We arrived at Mahalapye during the afternoon where we were met by Julie and taken to the school. Julie (she is a Singaporian missionary who is starting a mission school in Mahalapye) and I went to meet her pastor and to fetch the interpreter, Kate. Late afternoon, Julie gave us an overview of what was expected from us and where we would be going during the following 6 days.

On Sunday morning early we left for Morelane. On arrival we pitched our tents in one of the villagers yard. After we set up camp and refreshed ourselves, we walked around the village and told people that we will be having a church meeting in the afternoon at 15h00. The children arrived first and as soon as there were a couple of them we lead them in praise and worship, by singing. As joyous singing filled the air, a couple of adults and more children arrived.
Julie ministered to the people with Kate's help in interpreting to them. Afterwards Julie gave an altar call and quite a number of people came forward. They were led to pray the sinner's prayer and we called on those who were sick to be prayed for.

Amongst others, I prayed for an elderly man for improved eyesight. He had like a white fleece over his eyes. I also prayed for an elderly lady, whose appearance suddenly changed to terrible fear. She ran away, but kept looking back. I beckoned to her to come back, which she did hesitantly. I prayed some more for her but she was filled with terror. She suddenly lunged toward me making a hissing sound (like a snake) and when I kept on praying without budging, she ran away. The Lord really put a burden in my heart for her and I just kept on praying through the night for her tortured soul.
It was quite amazing how the Lord led me to be the "watchman on the walls" of our camp that night by praying in the Spirit for most of the night.

On Monday we went prayer walking through the village. We stopped at several huts to talk to the people and pray where they asked us to for specific issues. In the afternoon we had church under the tree again. The old man we prayed for on Sunday came again to testify that his eyesight had improved! Looking into his eyes, I could see that the white fleece had practically disappeared! He asked for more prayer and we happily obliged! To God be the glory!! I was hoping that the old lady would come, but she didn't.

Tuesday we went prayer walking again through the village. The afternoon we had church under the tree again. We got the children singing again but they kept on looking so sad. We asked Kate to find out why they were so sad when they should be joyous because of what Jesus had done for us all. Their response was that because they are hungry they cannot be joyous. How very very sad. It just made me realise again that people need bread to sustain the body as much as the bread of life. This also reminded me of Jesus on the mount when the people were tired and hungry and He said to His disciples "I have compassion for these people…. I do not want to send them away hungry…". It is times like these that I desire to have faith to feed the multitudes. The old woman also came that afternoon. I was seated on the ground with the "congregation" and she came to stand next to me. I invited her to sit down next to me while Kate was preaching. Just before Kate concluded her message, the old lady got up and left. I watched and prayed while she walked away, and there was such a sadness in my heart for the poor tormented soul, who obviously came back because she had seen the light, but was afraid of the darkness. I believe that God has touched her heart and ignited a fire, a thirst and a hunger to know the truth, and I will keep on praying for her.

We also prayed for a very sick baby and when we returned from Madum, found out that the baby had died the day after we left. We really had a burden for the people to have a shepherd or someone who could disciple, encourage and lead them into a greater awareness and relationship with our Father. God is so faithful, because once again He answered our prayers as we met a woman, Rulli, who had given her life to the Lord about a year ago, Spirit filled and on fire!! Her heart's desire is to be able to read and write and to go to Bible college. We asked our Father to supernaturally by the power of the Holy Spirit teach her to read and write, and we believe He will make a way where there seems to be no way.

Wednesday morning we went to a cattle post, Madum and set up camp. I immediately sensed that there was a “lightness” in the atmosphere, which made us realise the heavy presense of oppressiveness in Morelane.
The people were very excited to see us. They ran after the vehicle to where we set up camp, outside the little settlement. Our camp site was quite far from where their homes were, but closer to their "church" (which constitutes a big shady tree under which a big clearing was made.) They waited there patiently for us to finish setting up camp, so that we can tell them about the Lord. These people are just so hungry for the Word that it makes one realise how fortunate we are to be able to read and write. We ministered to them in the afternoon and prayed for the sick.
Thursday morning we went to another cattle post where the clinic was held. We talked with the people, ministered and prayed. We also met Rulli's cousin, Osoepeng who is the pastor of that small congregation who can read and write. She is very keen to go to the different cattle posts in the area to teach and preach. However, she is in need of a donkey and cart to enable her to get around. I really felt compassion for her, as she is so excited to share the Word of God with others in the area. We also felt that if she had transport she will be able to go to Morelane, where Rulli is and help her to read and write as well as disciple her.

I have never prayed so much for people in my life! It was just so amazing how one just starts praying without even thinking, due to the Spirit of the Lord making intercession through you! I have learnt so much in such a short time, and am really on fire to get to Tanzania to start work there. I realise that it will be more difficult, because they have probably not heard the gospel at all and we will therefore have to be much more sensitive with our approach, as they are also Muslims. Please pray for open doors and favor for us when we get there.

It is imperative that a lot of intercessory prayer and sprititual warfare is waged even before we go. From report we have received from other people who have been in the field in Tanzania, the area we are going to, have major demonic strongholds.
Phil 2:10 “…that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow…”


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