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African Missions - August 2004

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Proud owner of Jeep - Ready to go now?Dear loved ones in the Lord,

I only have time for a short note. We have been extremely busy during the last 5 weeks. Most of the time we have been contacting businesses, asking them to donate goods that we need. This have been done telephonically as well as physically going from business to business with the lists of our needs and a letter from WMC to prove our authenticity. It has been an extremely humbling experience for me. In the beginning I felt like a beggar from the streets until I had a renewal of the mind and the Lord reminded me that it is not about me...... Now it is easier because I am quite happy to be a "beggar" for Jesus, as long as the Kingdom work gets done!! I also realised that in doing this work, I was at the same time ministering to the people I got into contact with. There were many times that people were rude and unfriendly and said very unkind things, but the Lord taught me through that what it is to bless and love people despite their attitudes.

The boat is now out of the water and on the trailer. At least we don't have to walk through the water anymore, just climb a ladder!!
We were supposed to leave yesterday (2 Aug) but the transport will only be available within the next two weeks, and our new date is now 16 Aug. Please pray with us that this will be the final date, God willing, of course! We are also still trusting the Lord for the import duty exemption of R50,000.
We have a new team member, Jaco. He has had some experience in evangelisation and church planting when he worked on the Linaka last year. We are very exited about the addition because we are sure that Jaco's experience will benefit us. He purposes to stay with us until the end of the year.

New starting point - Malawi MapAs some of you know, our ministry will start in Malawi, where the boat will be launched at Chipoka first. We are going to be working under the Yoa, of Mocambique and from there move up towards our ultimate target area in Tanzania. We don't understand why this should be, but we know that God knows and that is enought for us. (Area where we will be working is around Monkey Bay).
I sold my Toyota and bought a Land Cruiser 4x4 for us to use when we are in Malawi & Tanzania, as we need transport to fetch fuel & food and of course should we have any emergencies to get someone to hospital etc.


Well, that is all for now. I will keep you informed of our movements as it unfolds.
I love and miss you all and pray that the Lord will keep you safe, joyful and praying. Thanks to all for your prayer-, financial- and other support.


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